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This is the official blog of IDOWEDDING, the only provider of Korean Concept Wedding Photography for Singapore and Asia.

This is where we, IDOWEDDING, chat with our clients and most importantly clients turned friends. After all, good conversations are for life, no?

Actually, the idea for this blog came from one our clients turned friend who wanted an easier way to access the tips we had been plying her with. Well, let’s just say she’s not a fan of scrolling down Facebook walls. ^^ So, my dear friend, this one’s for you.

This blog shares our experience and expert’s tips about wedding styling, wedding celebrity news, honeymoon news in Korea and of course, the source of our pride and joy, Korean Concept Wedding Photography.

Please do feel free to hit us with a comment or email us for any more information. Keep a lookout for our posts~!

Cheers, SaRaNg HeYo!


5 thoughts on “About IDOWEDDING

    • Sorry too late reply.

      Thank for your message and your interest in IDOWEDDING’s service.

      IDOWEDDING provides Korean Concept Wedding Photography service. The photography for your album will be shot in Seoul, Korea ONLY. So, the couple take photos and enjoy the holiday in Korea.
      Please understand the photo shoot is not available in any other countries. It’s pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea only.

      For more details, please leave your email address.

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